Coffee B – Finca Gascón Bourbon

Coffee B – Finca Gascón Bourbon

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Finca Gascón - Orange, Honey, Chocolate

Producer: Felipe Contreras
Origin: Antigua, Guatemala
Altitude: 2000m
Varietals: Bourbon
Processing: Washed
Harvested: March 2021
Roaster: MOK
Roast Date: 28.03.2022


It has been a while that we got excited about a coffee from Guatemala. This one surely is a excellent cup to bring Guatemala back on the table. Jens from MOK has visited Felipe in 2019 and for the harvest in 2020 and got so excited about this young and dedicated farmer (26y) as well as the quality of harvest he produced. 
Last year in October, Felipe also managed to visit Jens in Belgium and together they hosted a coffee evening at the 'Night Shop' in Brussels (a beautiful new space by Jens Girlfriend). 
We are very much looking forward to the harvest at Finca Gascón over the upcoming years and to see and taste what this collaboration will bring into the cups!

We also got our hands on a few bags of the Geisha harvest from Felipe's Farm. Allowing us to brew and taste two very diverse varietals from one hill. The full bodied and sweet Bourbon next to the delicate, soft and floral Geisha. A very beautiful Bundle that you shouldn't miss!