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 Buena Vista — coco natural caturra, typica & catuai from bolivia


This is our third year that we are brewing coffee from the Rodriguez family here in Hamburg at our bar at tōrnqvist with lots of pride. It is a truly unique coffee through its rare origin, Bolivia but especially the extra effort this well known family puts into their coco-natural processing. By shading with UV-Filtration, the coffees receive an incredible tropical flavour profile with a clean and refreshing crisp acidity of pineapples, honey-melon sweetness and a winey plum note for the finish. A coffee we are truly looking forward to every year!

The Rodriguez family, the father, Pedro, son Pedro Pablo and daughter Daniela own a farm consisting of seven different lots of land. The family are continually doing a great effort to lift the quality of specialty coffee in Bolivia. They process this coffee on the nearby mill called Buena Vista.

We work by the values of transparent trade. This helps create a healthy relationship with the farmer and financial sustainability for them.
We pay a quality bonus to the Rodriguez family, that is 400% above market price. ($5.50/lb FOB). The quality bonus allows the farmer to continue to produce higher quality coffee.

In Caranavi the Rodriguez family run the mill Agricafé. At the mill they both process coffees from their own seven farms, these coffees go under the name Fincas Los Rodriguez. But they also process and buy cherries from small farmers from the area and these coffees are referred to as Finca Buena Vista. 

We were here to cup this year’s harvest and try to decide what to bring back home, so we spend the most of our time here cupping at their beautiful cupping room with the view over the mountains surrounding Caranavi. After the cupping, we took a quick look at the facilities. Once again the Rodriguez family has invested in new coco-driers to make sure they can keep up with the demand. 

From here we took a drive to visit some of the farms. In the car, Pedro Pablo explained how they as a part of the Sol de Manana educating project is working together with the farmers from Finca Buena Vista to increase quality and yield. 

Our first stop was in Copacabana in Coloni, where we meet with the farmer Julio Gonzalez at his farm located in 1466masl. Here Julio is producing both red and yellow Caturra and also a little Typica, and he has been working together with the Rodriguez family since 2014. His farm was very well organized, and all the trees looked very healthy and lush.