SEY Bundle

SEY Bundle

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Since many of you have responded with such excitement, we want to give the opportunity to re-stock or discover the very first Ethiopian and Kenyan lots. 

With such we are not only kicking-off the 2022 east-african Season we are also welcoming our new Partner from Brooklyn, New York - SEY Coffee. 

During our time in New York last summer, we have sipped many cups in the beautiful Garage Space of Matt and his team. Especially the Ethiopian and Kenyan lots have surprised us by it's clarity and quality. Next to this, we think it is very impressive to finally have found a roaster that is stating the 'Farm Gate Price' on each box. 

While more and more Roaster are sharing the FOB (Free on Board) on their package, this does not state how much the farmer actually gets paid for their harvest. The FOB only states how much has been paid when the coffee arrives on the Ship, but many hands along the way can still receive a large chunk of the price and the farmer only a small amount. The Farm Gate price is the price that is actually paid at the farm and in our eyes should be the standard for any modern Roaster out there. 

However it brings a lot of challenges along the way to bring such transparency to each lot as buying directly from one farmer is not possible in each origin and takes many bureaucratic challenges along the way.

We are proud to have such an ambitious new partner from New York on our side and hope you appreciate their work as much as we do.