Special – Caballero Gesha

Special – Caballero Gesha

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Caballero Gesha - Jasmin, Mandarin and Honey

Producer: Marysabel Caballero & Moises Herrera 
Origin:  Chinacla, La Paz, Honduras
Altitude: 1600m
Varietals: Gesha
Processing: Washed
Harvested: February 2021
Roaster: Tim Wendelboe
Roast Date: 20.04.2022


This is the Geisha lot from Marysabel and Moises.
Next to continuously being awarded for their Catuai harvest, they have scored the 1st place at COE in 2018 with their Geisha. While there are so many Geisha lots around, we didn't had such a well balanced classic floral cup in quite a while. 

Soft white floral aromas of the varietal are combined with the richness and smooth body of Honduran coffees. Are truly superb Geisha lot from the Caballero Farm roasted on point by legendary Tim Wendelboe. 

Here is what Tim writes about this coffee:

The Geisha cultivar is famous for its floral and citric cup profile. This award winning coffee from the Caballeros is no exception. Unlike the Panamanian geishas which typically has a light bodied cup, this Honduran grown Geisha has a heavier mouthfeel, slight lower intensity of acidity and  a subtle herbal finish. Like last year Moises separated all pickings from his Geisha trees and I was fortunate to be able to select my favourite lots.

When I am brewing this coffee with a V60 or filter coffee method, I sometimes experience a bit slow drawdown time during brewing (time for water to filter through the coffee). If you have the same experience I recommend that you do not grind coarser to compensate for this but rather let it take some more time to make sure the coffee is extracted well. Since this coffee is lightly roasted you will get a more balanced brew even if you have longer brew times. In fact I personally would grind this coffee slight finer than for example the Catuaí from the Caballeros to make sure I get the most sweetness, fruity and floral flavours out of this coffee.