To new beginnings 1


i’ts time to head into another chapter.

it is impossible to share my feelings with you by this short text on social media. I am heartbroken and fragile. the past few months of pandemic and lockdown have taken a lot from my team and me. tōrnqvist will be closing down on the 18th of october 2020.

with this room, i didn’t have in mind to create another coffee shop but an open space to be shared among all of us. a space where people of same and different opinions can gather, meet each other, exchange experience, ideas, and excitement for life.

my pure dedication to an incredible world of coffee has carried me for so many years up to this very point. i am still amazed how little we all know about such a daily consumed natural product and its incredible opportunities. no matter where you are in the world, what age, religion or cultural background you have, nearly all of us enjoy coffee, turning a simple thing as a beverage into something that makes us meet up on a large table and say hi.

with this in mind, I placed a fully open and transparent bar with a design that shall awake curiosity and awareness – raw, clean, and without any bullshit.

this open bar surrounded by large tables and shared seating shall finally bring people together in a fully honest and transparent way.

a few young kids who found their dedication in the beautiful and exciting world of coffee are welcoming you with a big smile, open arms. we will sit next to you and share everything that brings us behind the bar day after day pouring water on crushed seeds with the highest precision.

it is incredible what has happened in the past few years, who I’ve met and moments we have shared together. dancing, laughing, smiling, discussing arguing, celebrating - simply beautiful.


I am proud that this shop has inspired so many others across the globe in the world of specialty coffee and i wish every single one of them the very best as well as a lot of strength and happiness along the way they choose. as long as you find your own purpose in what you are doing when you get up in the morning, you reached what so many crave for in their lives. it is astonishing how much energy this can bring to yourself - enjoy the ride.

It is important to me that you all know this is not the end of tōrnqvist. I will carry on my values and ideas as a homage to my finnish grandmother marianne tōrnqvist and her view on humanity and nature. tōrnqvist was never a business idea, it’s rather a way of how I would love to spend my daily life with all of you exchanging what’s traveling through our heads. i will be going into nature for a bit and continue to look for a new place that can be the home of tōrnqvist which might be a different city or even country. if you ever see a beautiful spot that could be shared among us with some cups in our hands, please let me know.

I want give a big applause to all of you and admire everyone who supported me along my journey so far. it is incredible and hard to describe what a feeling you are giving to me since years. thank you so much for everything — and now let’s celebrate this place and head into the beautiful remaining days of this location. let’s exchange curiosity, ask each other whatever is on our minds like, share  smiles, sip coffee alongside a warm bun and enjoy life altogether. 


kiitos ystävä — Linus