Grinder – Mazzer Robur E

Grinder – Mazzer Robur E

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The good old Mazzer Robur E, a grinder that used to be the one when talking conical burr design. With an incredible powerful engine it is able to rotate at low power and by this create less heat when grinding. In addition it carries a cooling system to remain stable during busy rushes. 

It is the one Tim Wendelboe is still using on his bar in Oslo and remained in our storage room without a single scratch since our last pop-up in st.pauli (...and it never touched espresso roast).


Mat. Aluminium

Prod. Italy


Disclaimer: This piece is sold as a second-hand item from the clearance of our shop and wil carry a few marks from the past 3 years while it is fully functioning. The product can not be returned and has to be picked up in Hamburg.