Coffee A – Ninga

Coffee A – Ninga

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Ninga - Blackberries, Red Currant, Black Tea

Producer: Ninga Farmers
Origin: Kayanza, Burundi
Altitude: 1900m
Varietals: Bourbon
Processing: Natural
Harvested: May 2021
Roaster: La Cabra
Roast Date: 28.03.2022


The Long Miles Coffee Project by Kristy and Ben Carlson is one that we proudly support for many years. Together they have moved to Burundi to bring more awareness of the land, its culture but especially the farming of coffee and quality within. Through their Project, they have raised the quality of living among the farmers they work closely with on a educational aspect, labour conditions, machineries and income. Through the higher cup quality and the transparency of direct trading, they have connected more than 5.0000 farmers with top notch Roasters and coffee shops around the world to make a change.

While putting a lot of effort into communication to make us all aware of Burundi and its Coffee Culture, they focused on sustainability in nature as well as business to make an impact that will last. 

Please visit their page to learn more and get a deeper understanding of this beautiful project that has started in 2013.