Coffee D – Nkonge

Coffee D – Nkonge

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Nkonge – Red Currant, Honey & Rooibos

Producer: Nkonge Hill Farmers
Origin: Kayanza, Burundi
Altitude: 2000 m
Varietals: Bourbon
Processing: Washed
Harvested: May 2020
Roaster: La Cabra
Roast Date: 16.03.2021


There it is, the first fresh crop from Burundi. 
An origin that brings us the first Kenya like cup profile and kicks off the spring with it every year. While most crops in this time of the year are from El Salvador, Brazil, Guatemala etc. and with it rather low in acidity and rich in body with chocolaty or nutty aromas. Burundi, with its red berry notes and juicy acidity makes us being excited for the summer soon to arrive and more African harvest to follow.

This one is from a project that we support year after year, the Long Miles Coffee Project of Ben and Kristy Carlson. Those two moved to Burundi 10 years ago with the strong mission to start a more transparent, fair and sustainable coffee farming and enhance the life in the growing regions. 

Make a change by sipping some excellent quality lots from the Nkonge Hill Farmers and Long Miles.

La Cabra

This is a washed coffee from the Nkonge hill, processed at the Heza Station. Heza uses a similar double fermentation process to that employed in Kenya, where the cherries are first depulped and fermented without water for around 12 hours, before water is added and the coffee is soaked for a further 12 hours. After this, the coffee is ‘footed’ to wash away the sticky mucilage layer attached to the outside of the coffee seed. This involves the workers stomping on the coffee in the tanks for 15-20 minutes while singing traditional Burundian songs, before the coffee is moved to washing channels to be rinsed in clean water, and graded for density before travelling to the drying tables. Coffee is then dried slowly on raised beds, aiming to reach a moisture level of 10.5% in 20-30 days. In this lot this leads to typical Burundian fresh currant character, balanced by concentrated sugary sweetness.