Coffee A – OMA Gesha Village

Coffee A – OMA Gesha Village

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OMA - Jasmine, Peach, Honey

Producer: Rachel Samuel and Adam Overtone
Origin: Gesha Village, Bench Maji, Ethiopia
Altitude: 2040m
Varietal: Gesha 1931
Processing: Natural
Harvested: January '23
Roaster: La Cabra
Roast Date: 25.09.2023
Amount: 100g

Gesha Village lies in the Bench Maji zone of South Western Ethiopia, not far from the border with South Sudan. This area, in the high altitude humid forests where the Great Rift Valley passes into South Sudan, is thought to be the birthplace of Arabica coffee, and is still home to great genetic diversity. Here at Gesha Village however, one varietal sits in the spotlight; Geisha.

Adam Overton and Rachel Samuel first travelled to Ethiopia in 2007 to make a documentary about its unique method of coffee production, and fell in love with the country. They decided during that short trip that they would eventually move to the country to start producing coffee themselves. They found a 471 hectare plot of land in Bench Maji, further west than we normally find specialty coffee in Ethiopia, in a remote area of untouched high altitude forest. The wild forest remained as coffee was planted, maintaining as much as possible of the biodiversity so crucial to the Ethiopian mode of production, while also providing ample shade for the fragile Geisha trees.

To save some precious grams, here is our recipe:

Filter: Modified Kalita Wave 155
Coffee: 14.5g
Grind Setting: 19 Clicks
Water: 250g
Water TDS: 60 PPM
Mineral Dosing: 0.16g/1L 
Water Temperature: 92c

First Pulse: 0s → 30g

Second Pulse: 30s → 120g
Third Pulse: 50s → 190g
Fourth Pulse: 1.20min → 250g
Total Time: 2.00min

Extraction Yield: 20.69%