Coffee A – Reko

Coffee A – Reko

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Reko - Apricot, Lemon, Green Tea

Producer: Reko Community 
Origin: Nacho, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia
Altitude: 2150m
Varietals: Kurume 
Processing: Washed
Harvested: January 2021
Roaster: MOK Brussel 
Roast Date: 24.05.2021


Hello MOK. Hello Brussels. Hello Reko. Hello Ethiopia.

A new roaster, a new coffee and with it the first fresh crop of 2021. 
We are stoked to introduce you to Jens Crabbé and his team at MOK in Belgium. 
The first time we got in touch was through Massimo the brother of Linus, who is doing his PHD in Brussels and became a regular at MOK. After a few samples and cupping sessions at tōrnqvist we knew we will have to drop a line to Jens and share his work with you. 

MOK is an award winning micro roastery who is striving for a similar idealistic approach like our other partners. They are trying to know every single farmer they source from in person and working with them year after year with the goal to rise life and cup quality at the farm. 

We are proud to share this very first Ethiopian of the season with you with beautiful classic Yirgacheffe notes of Jasmine & Apricot followed by lively Lemon peel and a Green Tea finish. 

We are looking forward to share more of MOK with you in the future and hope you love this fresh crop as much as we do.