Coffee A – Tatmara

Coffee A – Tatmara

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Tatmara - Strawberries, White Florals, Tropical Fruits

Producer: Negussie Tadesse

Origin: Dakiti, Kaffa, Ethiopia
Altitude: 2000m
Varietals: 74110
Processing: Washed
Harvested: December 2021
Roaster: Tim Wendelboe
Roast Date: 01.02.2023


Tim Wendelboe and natural processed coffees is something that normally does not really happen. However this one is the first one that he and his team now continues to work with and we are excited to share it with you again this year.

In close collaboration with the farmer Negussie, they are focusing on producing a natural coffee that is clean and expresses it‘s varietal and origin instead of those heavy fermented profiles mostly found in natural processed lots. Along the partnership they hope to push the quality high enough to be able to reinvest into a own washing facility so that Negussie ís able to showcase both processing methods with his coffee. 

Working as closely in direct trade with Ethiopian farmers, is still very new in the industry. For decades it has only been possible to purchase coffees from Collaboratives or mostly traders/exporter due to the existing oldd structure and regulations by the government. With the Tatmara we found another project of direct trade in Ethiopia which is very exciting to be part of and very promising in cup quality.