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Los Andes — washed SL28 from el salvador


A Kenyan varietal grown in the hills of Apaneca-Ilamatepec Mountain Range, Santa Ana in El Salvador makes this coffee truly stand out. Kenyan SL28 berry acidity, meeting creamy nutty flavours of the climate and soil in El Salvador, beautiful and very rare. 

We at tōrnqvist have been working with Ernesto's coffees for more than 5 years by now and truly love his coffees year after year. Especially since he started to release his SL28 harvest as a single lot. The most clean roasted el salvadorian cup we've tried with a gorgeous acidity. 

We carefully follow the harvesting seasons across the year. However due to the corona virus, this harvest was still add the roastery of Drop and we want to show support to them and the roastery and decided to serve this coffee while being a bit late in season. Still tasting beautifully alive.

This year Joanna bought coffee from three of Ernesto's farms, however Los Andes is exclusively Drop coffee. It's on about 4 hectares which is a bigger size for Drop at the moment but they find it worth taking a little more of this coffee, for the clear cooperation between Drop Coffee and Los Andes. Ernesto holds a lot of knowledge and has been very communicative. 'Walking the farm together with him is like opening a true treasure, he holds so much knowledge and skills from the agriculture, processing and to the cupping table.' 

Los Andes is a very interesting coffee produced by an outstanding coffee producer. Ernesto Menéndez is a well known name in the coffee industry. He has won The Cup of Excellence several times. In 2010 he competed with Los Andes, however his brother won that year and Los Andes placed fifth. We are proud to have this coffee from Ernesto Menéndez. A couple years ago we had all the coffee growing at the farm as a mix, but last year Ernesto started separating the SL28 to the Bourbon for us, and this year we even have some of the Bourbon with a different processing method. This means you can taste the two very unique taste profiles from Los Andes that been growing side by side at the farm. This is the SL28 varietal from the farm. It has some creamy and sweet white grape attributes typical for the El Salvadorian cup profile. The SL28 varietal gives a lasting aftertaste of hibiscus and a lime juice acidity.