Coffee B – Echemo

Coffee B – Echemo

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Echemo – Floral, White Tea & Peaches

Producer: Khalid Shifa
Origin: Goma, Jimma, Ethiopia
Altitude: 2100m
Varietal: Heirloom
Processing: Washed
Harvested: December '22
Roaster: Tim Wendelboe
Roast Date: 25.10.2023


An excellent coffee that is one of the very few direct traded coffees from Ethiopia. It is still quite a challenge to break up old systems and politics to make a true direct trade work in Ethiopia.
Tim has established this partnership with Khalid in 2018 and just now, Khalid was able to invest into a washing station to start producing elegant and clean lots from his farm next to his rather sweet natural and honey processed coffees. 
Khalid runs the fairly small farm with 35 hectares that he inherited from his grandfather with a very strong dedication to quality and a continuous development of his techniques in farming. 

As a fun side note, our long time friend and Barista from the very first events with the tōrnqvist-van Flo has visited Khalid last year on his farm and will go again this month together with the Team of Populus Coffee here in Berlin. 

Enjoy that last delicate cup as the Ethiopian season is about to end this year.