Coffee B – Joselino Menegueti

Coffee B – Joselino Menegueti

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Joselino Menegueti - Coffee Blossom, Lemongrass, Watermelon

Producer: Joselino Menegueti
Origin: Espirito Santo
Altitude: 1000m
Varietal: Catucai 785 Vermehlo
Processing: Washed
Harvested: October 2022
Roaster: Acervo
Roast Date: 22.03.2023
Amount: 200g (Microlot)

Our second special lot from ACERVO and the lush hills of Brazil. The work of Joselino Menegueti results in a unusual delicate cup of white florals, lemongrass and subtle sweetness of Watermelon. This is the first washed coffee that we ever had from Brazil and we are amazed by this rare cup profile. Brew it on Aeropress!

Roasted and shipped by our new local partner in Brazil, Paulo Lins and his beautiful project of ACERVO. We have been in exchange with Paulo since a very long time and wanted to find a way to share his dedicated work in the Brazilian coffee-scene with you. In Brazil it is by law forbidden to roast coffee that is grown outside of Brazil, which brings a lot of limits and at the same time an incredible expertise for local varietals, soils and climates. Working hand in hand with some of the very best farmers in the country, Paulo is opening up a new world of Brazilian cup quality and especially diversity to us.

We are very proud to finally be able to share his work with you through those first microlots. Take a moment, clean your burrs, set your water to optimum, brew and enjoy!

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