June Coffee Bundle

June Coffee Bundle

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A new Belgian roaster is joining our line up with the first fresh Ethiopian harvest of the season as well as a new origin Ecuador by our close friends from Aarhus. 

Everyone in the world of specialty coffee gets excited when the first bags of African Coffees arrive at the roastery. This year we are proud to share the very first lot from Yirgacheffe together with the dedicated team of MOK in Brussels. 
A wonderful clean cup with classic aromas of Apricots, Lemon and Green Tea. 

And on the other hand, we got an exciting new origin to discover, Ecuador.
The Farm La Papaya is among the very best in Ecuador and stands out with their incredible dedication to quality in growing and processing their coffees. Their natural processed Typica brings an unexpected floral cup with Jasmine, rich sweet Plums and Honeydew Melon.  

Invite your friends and family to brew them side by side and be surprised how diverse delicate and rich coffee can be.

Happy Home-Brewing everyone!