Companion Tea – Roasted (25g)

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White Buds Chelan

  • Producer: Tea Master Jiandong Zeng
  • Terroir: Fujian Prov, China 
  • Harvest period: Nov, 2018
  • Tasting notes: Mineral, Orchid, Sandalwood
  • Dose: 2.5g/100ml
  • Brew temperature: 90°c
  • Brew time: 2 min.


This roasted Oolong is sweet up front with woody and floral notes that compliment the medium body and general minerality possessed by this tea. Aromas of banana and grapefruit can be found on the wet leaves. 

This hand-picked tea is grown in the Pinghe County of Fujian Province, China at 1200 masl. The tea is sun-withered and then rested indoors before being quickly fired as the “kill green” process.  The leaves are first twisted and then rolled into balls before being roasted over charcoal for the final drying and flavour development.