May Coffee Bundle

May Coffee Bundle

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Another month, another Bundle of superb quality and diversity.

For our May Bundle, we selected two funky fermented lots one from Brazil one from Bolivia. 

Juquinha is a beautiful example of the excellent Brazilian sourcing done by LaCabra. A very unusual natural processed lot with Juicy and acidic aromas of Oranges, Pineapple and Raspberries pairing up with nutty sweetness. Harvested in September by the Batista Family next to Maria de Fé. 

Carmelita is a beautiful result of pure dedication by Carmela on her small farm in Copacabana, Bolivia. Her farm suffered from Leave Rust a few years ago and its amazing to see to which quality level she got back to. The coco natural processing is known to you from the Rodriguez Family and again results in a fizzy cup profile of Cranberry, Truffle and wild Strawberries while being a lot more light and clean in the roasting profile.  


It is exactly coffees like this which showcase once again that coffee never taste like 'coffee'. There is so much more to discover behind each Origin, Varietal, Processing, Soil, Climate and Altitude.  

Brew them side by side, invite your family or friends and experience how diverse coffee can be.

An eye opener, promise.