Coffee A – F.ET.NBOM

Coffee A – F.ET.NBOM

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F.ET.NBOM - Blueberries, Cacao, Peach

Producer: Bombe Washing Station (667 Smallholders)
Origin: Bombe Village, Sidama, Ethiopia
Altitude: 2020m
Varietals: 74219 / 74212
Processing: Natural
Harvested: January 2022
Roaster: Nomad
Roast Date: 15.09.2022


A very well known Ethiopia Natural from the Bombe Village in Sidama. Last year we have shared a lot from that particular Washing Station roasted by our friends in Amsterdam from Friedhats. This time we picked the lot from Jordy and his Team in Barcelona as it stood out on the table.

The classic profile of an excellent natural processed Ethiopian is something we crave for every year. The richness and sweetness it adds to the delicate floral aromas are simply beautiful while not overwhelming it. 

Grind, brew, sip and enjoy!
Good Stuff you got in front of you!