98% of your daily brew is water and with this Peak water Filtration System you can finally bring your brewing water to a whole new level.

It is the very first home filtration system that has been developed for Specialty Coffee. With its adjustable filter, you can set the optimum TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) measured in PPM (Parts Per Million). Through this unique feature you can finally set your brewing water according to your local tap water and extract flavours in your coffee that have been completely hidden until today. We aim for a TDS of 60 PPM in your water for the optimum extraction of our coffees.

We strongly recommend to add our HM Digital TDS-3 Measuring Tool for the most precise measurements and to determine when you need to replace your filter.

The Starter Pack includes:

1 x Black Peak Water Jug

1 x Peak Water Filter

1 x Testkit with two stripes to roughly estimate your incoming water

You need to replace your Filter on a regular base and can find them over here:
Peak Water Replacement Filter


Welcome to a whole new level in brewing coffee.