Special – Juliana Guevara (125g)

Special – Juliana Guevara (125g)

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To save some precious grams on the dial-in, here is our recipe:

Water: 94c (60PPM)
Coffee: 15.5gr
Grind Setting: 24 Clicks

1st Pour: 0s → 30g
2nd Pour: 30s → 120g
3rd Pour: 50s → 190g
4th Pour: 1.20min → 250g
Total Time: 2.15min

Extraction Yield: 20.05%

An exceptional washed Geisha lot from Juliana Guevera in Colombia.
Bring the family or friends together and treat yourself with a true gem in specialty coffee. 

On her farm in the region of Huila in Colombia, Juliana is fermenting the whole cheeries after harvest in a tank for 24hrs. After this, she is pulping the cherries (meaning to push out the seeds) in a dry process to keep as much mucilage on the seeds as possible to enhance the aromas of that rare geisha varietal. With this mucilage still sticking to the seed, she ferments the coffee again for about 60hrs before the seeds are completely washed clean and dried with little roofs protecting from direct sun light and making the drying process more even. 

The final result is an incredible complex cup with aromas of apricot, lavender, raspberry and rum.