Special – Panama Geisha

Special – Panama Geisha

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Panama Geisha – Jasmine, Camomile, Guava, Orange

Producer: Roberto Brenes
Origin: Jurutungo Candela, Auromar Estate, Panama
Altitude: 1600m
Varietal: Geisha
Processing: Natural
Harvested: January '23
Roaster: Flåm

A very exclusive lot from the dreamy hills of Panama. Roberto Brenes and his Auromar Estate project won the Best of Panama in 2021 with a washed Geisha. With this one you got his approach to a very rare natural processed Geisha. Something for the very special occasions. 

This coffee has been roasted by a dedicated and very romantic little project of Tim in Seoul, Korea called Flåm. Before he has opened his coffee shop, he visited us all the way over in Hamburg and proudly serves in cups made by toki ton and our beloved black trays. Dreaming of visiting Tim one day in Seoul and for now enjoying his handwritten and clean roasted coffees. 

We got only a handful, be quick!