Special – Potosi XO

Special – Potosi XO

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Potosi XO – Strawberries, Vanilla, Yoghurt

Producer: Rigoberto Herrera
Origin: Valle de Cauca, Caicedonia, Colombia
Altitude: 1860m
Varietals: San Juan
Processing: XO Natural
Harvested: November 2021
Roaster: La Cabra
Roast Date: 06.06.2022


A very magical Place – The Potosi Farm.

During our very first trip to origin with La Cabra, we have been welcomed with large open arms by Rigoberto Herrera and his wonderful family in Colombia. Rigoberto is not only a warm and very welcoming personality, he is also a man who is constantly striving for the highest quality while maintaining love and respect among humans and nature. 

As you might have seen in our Social Media, this whole trip to Colombia and the famous farms of La Granja Esperanza has taken us to a whole new perspective on coffee. Letting us understand once more the remote and breathtaking places our coffee grows around the globe. 

Rigoberto has shown us 4 farms of La Granja Esperanza while Potosi the farm he grew upon, was by far the most magnificent of all. With the view through the misty clouds towards Las Margaritas, where Linus planted his very first coffee tree, along the surrounding lush mountain tips. 

A place that we will never forget and a coffee that has not only won several championship but also counts to the most favourite cups we have brewed in our shop and carries a very important place in our hearts. 

Thank you Rigoberto and everyone at La Granja Esperanza as well as Esben and La Cabra for sharing that very place with us.