A tiny gadget that can change quite a lot in your coffee game.

Knowing your water is one key element when understanding coffee and especially the process of extraction. With this TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) Measuring tool, you can precisely analyse your water in terms of its mineral content.

The mineral content shown in PPM (parts per million) will let you understand your main ingredient and with that perfecting the extraction with another big step.
We at tōrnqvist measure our water for every single brew with the TDS-3 as it has a big influence on the brew and speed of extraction while the incoming water from the city of Hamburg fluctuates throughout the day and we adjust our water filtration accordingly. 

In combination with the 'Peak-Water' filtration you can dial in your water and understand its impact brew after brew. It will open up so many new layers of your daily coffee and bring clarity and maximum extraction to that very cup.

Water is roughly 98% of your coffee.
Don't miss out on setting this one to optimum.