Coffee Workshop

Coffee Workshop

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Let's talk coffee 

A few years ago we did not have a clue that coffee is such a complex fruit with so many characteristics and stories to tell. At the same time, most parts of specialty coffee are very logical and easy to understand. We would love to make coffee more approachable and give you a full understanding of origins, varieties, processing methods, difference in quality, transparency in trading but especially high quality home brewing with simple equipment. This course is not to steam milk and pour bubbly hearts into low quality coffees, we want you to understand what our excitement is all about — pure coffee.

Quality home brewing

We will start off with a slurping introduction at the cupping table, where you will clearly taste the difference in varieties, altitude, origins and processing methods. From there we will go to the very basics of brewing coffee and let you understand how simple yet important the two ingredients water and coffee are. Then, we will explain all the geeky stuff on how to handle your equipment and dial in a new recipe on your grinder and assure that the coffee tastes just like in our shop every single morning.


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We are offering this course once a month with limited capacity to assure an in-depth understanding, please ask one of our team members for the next available date. This course will take about 2 hours but we can easily go a bit overtime through long discussions and answering all your questions. Better plan a few minutes longer. You will take home all the equipment we use here in our shop, so you can put everything straight into action.


This workshop includes the following equipment:

Custom kalita wave + 100p kalita wave filter + 600ml kinto glass server + 250gr specialty coffee.