Our Story


is the surname of my Finnish Grandmother Marianne Törnqvist.

She was a beautiful and proud women from Helsinki with a positive attitude and the utmost respect to other people and especially nature. Marianne has teached me a lot during my childhood and thanks to her I received the attitude of living peacefully with the nature and strive for honesty and respect among people.

With her life coming to an end, I understood how short this journey can be and how important it is to make the best out of it. Every day is another one of your life and its totally up to you how you spend it. Being rich doesn't implement having a big house, car or jewelleries, you are rich, when you are able to be honest to yourself the moment you wake up.

This very thought, lead me to follow my passion for coffee.  spend my lifetime with something that turns work into joy and keeps up my curiosity. I had no clue that this daily consumed good is so undiscovered, nobody really being aware of this complex fruit and all the hard human work that goes into each cup, me included. 

I started kicking off my little project as a mobile specialty coffee shop and drove around with my van for 4 years to reach many people and see if could share this very excitement for the undiscovered world of coffee with them. During the cold and rainy winter months, I opened up a small pop-up inside a Barber or IceCream Shop to survive and at the same time test if a fixed location would work for my idea. It turned out that a permanent location will give a lot more space to talk than a ToGo Cup from the Van and I decided to open the final location. 

Today tōrnqvist has become one of the most respected specialty coffee shops around the world and I am very proud of it. However this space is absolutely not about minimalism or brewing coffee in a fancy way. It is all about bringing honesty to coffee and simply create a space that is to be shared with many others across the world with a bit of love to detail. 

In my eyes it is essential that we finally make a clear cut and differentiate industrial to specialty coffee. With this in mind we designed the shop completely apart from what we are used to. A large bar in the middle of the room so we would be able to communicate the journey behind this delicate fruit while brewing. Three drinks on the wall, with milk or without, with pressure or by hand, to finally stop talking about milk amounts and their prices with some made up names to that drink and bring the focus to the product instead. Today every cup brewed by us, receives a hand written card with all informations about that very coffee infront of you and our clear and simple vision on the back. 

'To speak of coffee as homogenous in nature is to ignore its very essence. At tōrnqvist we recognise coffee as a complex fruit with twice as many aromas as wine. Our menu is changed every two weeks according to the current harvest season. Approach us if you would like to know more, we can talk about this stuff for hours.'Thanks for supporting true transparency in coffee everyone!