Our Approach.

It all started in 2014 with a little coffee van at the northern coast of Germany. Named after the Linus‘ Finnish grandmother Marianne Tōrnqvist.

We were amazed by the undiscovered world of specialty coffee. A daily product consumed by all cultures and nationalities, bringing so many people together and opening a space of communication.

While the common cup of coffee is ruined by the big, profit-driven industry, without any respect for its origin and farmers, specialty coffee offers the exciting chance to flip what exists into a new, modern approach that brings transparency, fairness, quality and consciousness to our daily cup.

Being symbolic and powerful for so many other aspects in life, we continuously strive for awareness throughout our daily routines.

We are proud to share with you each and every cup our name stands behind. We remain true to our uncompromising view of quality and fairness.

We are grateful for every support, but especially for you, who visit this page and support our journey with every purchase.

– Linus