We wouldn't be tōrnqvist without the support of those wonderful people.

Drop Coffee

To this day unmatched in their idealistic approach to true transparency in the world of coffee. Joanna and her wonderful team in Stockholm have been on our side since the very first day with the van on the local market in fishtown. The wonderful Peachy Ethiopian 'Hunkute' was the first coffee we served and we have served it ever since. 

Joanna and her early business partner Erik gave the core inspiration for what we are doing today. They never serve espresso roast, know every single farmer in person and focused their whole company on communicating with the final consumer and coffee shops they are placed in. If you don't like acidity in your coffee simply choose a coffee from Brazil with no acidity instead of overdeveloping a vibrant Kenyan. Coffee should always be clean in roast and only then this wonderful complex fruit will be able to showcase its very personal story. It is the task of the Specialty Coffee Barista to brew it on point with a pump or without. Simple as that. 

We love working with you year after year and will always continue to do so and hold our hands up to support you and your wonderful idealistic approach to coffee. A big round of applause to Stockholm for their hard work in the past years. 



La Cabra

This text could become a way too long text as Esben & Linus became friends through their approach in modern coffee and today hold onto a strong friendship that reaches beyond the world of coffee. Esben Piper is the founder of LaCabra and has always been an inspiration for so many within the industry. With his dedication to pushing limits to another level he gathered the most charming and loving people around him that we have met in the industry. This genuine team is striving for 'excellence' within the world of modern coffee every single day and really doesn't miss a detail on their journey. Their superb roastery which is heavily focused on curiosity and diversity in the world of coffee recently changed to pure 'brightness' in coffee and stopped roasting for espresso and focuses purely on the cupping table instead. Besides many long discussions on the development in the coffee world, La Cabra inspired tōrnqvist in terms of water quality and with that made a huge step that we are very thankful for. It could be long and complex to explain but it isn't, you simply need the best water to brew the best cups and LaCabra collaborating with EverPure delivers an incredible result! Thank you everybody at LaCabra, thank you Esben for everything you did in the past for us, the inspiration you gave to us and the countless discussions you have started with beautiful results at the end. We are truly looking forward to many years ahead as a little extended family.



Malte Dibbern

Yes, the guy behind all the pictures you have seen the past 3 years on social media. What started as a Foto-Hobby for Malte and a friendship as coffee enthusiast in Hamburg became a seemless collaboration where every single picture is thought through to be able to express our approach to coffee. We meet up several times a week, mostly for quick chats on coffee and cycling but if the sun is out (happens sometimes in Hamburg), we grab Malte's camera and think of a picture series that would express the current coffee menu in the most ideal way or provide the proper surrounding for topics we would like to discuss within the industry. Thank you Malte for putting so much effort again and again to capture those several years journey from Van to Shop as a close friend!



Philipp Mooren 

We met this wonderful Designer in our first pop-up cafe in St. Pauli the ice cream shop, Luicellas. He became a regular and we shared perfectly aligning ideas for minimalistic design and expression. He designed our very first coffee cards  and today he is the main influence for the Corporate Design. He is responsible for the  Branding and designed all typographic elements you see in our shop. He is also the guy behind the online shop you are looking at right now. A young very talented guy to whom I wish to continue with his very own studio and many more challenging jobs with nice people.  Excellent Job Philipp, we are so thankful and proud to work with you.



Same friends, same values. AENY is a young design collective from Hamburg with a focus on architecture, interior and product design. Their claim for sustainable design, selected materials and a minimalist design language is a perfect match.  AENY accompanied us from the shell construction, through the first drawing, to the finished shop and is mainly responsible for the interior design – including this extraordinary counter and the individual wall shelf. Thank you so much for all the extra tasks and calls and meetings it took to put things into place. 




Those guys are working with wood like we do with coffee. They are speaking their own language in terms of design, and strive for perfection in building what they believe in. We are happy that this collaboration turned out so nice, and wish many exciting new build ups in the future. Thank you Thorben. 



Felix Wittich

A good friend and daily regular at the shop for batch brews, who has provided us with wonderful music for the shop since quite some time, is actually a Photographer. An incredible excellent one, must say. He has its very own language when it comes to light within pictures. He helped us giving this shop the soul, expressing our idea of communicating products. We hope to have you more regularly within tōrnqvist and realise a few more ideas together. Have a look at his work.