Events & Catering

At tōrnqvist, we where driving with our coffee-van from one event to another before opening the final shop. Caterings, Festivals, Markets, FoodTruck Events etc. and loved it in every aspect. 

Here you will find all information on when we will host an event in our shop and also have the opportunity to reach out to us if you have something in mind for an event, festival, market where you believe we should definitely be the specialty coffee supply. 

Besides this, we truly love to cater at your private or public event. We can realise a fully equipped high-end coffee bar outside as well as inside with baked goods from our shop. The only essentials are a high-voltage line of 16A as well as water pipe to the bar with a 3/4 connection. We are looking forward to talk about details with you! 

To contact us, please use the form on the right side and type 'event' or 'catering' as a header of the message.

See you soon!