Those iconic boards are designed by Linus during his third pop-up cafe in st.pauli Hamburg. This board shall present the brewed coffee in a more unique way then one we are familiar with in the industrial coffee market.

A little piece of natural art carefully carried by so many hands to the final consumer, white on black. The precisely cut slot shall hold information on the journey which that very coffee took, describe it’s characteristics, variety, processing, altitude and personal flavour note. It’s the blank solid background of a beautiful craft.
Made from our bar material ‘fenix-core’ which will erase every finger print after touch, through the nano coating and let you melt away any scratches with a simple hot iron. The edges got finely sand papered to provide a smooth but firm grip with your hands.

Finish up your home brewing with the seeminglesly presentation just like in our shop.

Mat. Fenix

Prod. Germany