Coffee A – Hunkute

Coffee A – Hunkute

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HUNKUTE – Apricots, Black Tea and Orange Blossoms

Producers: Hunkute a cooperative of 2149 farmers
Origin: Dalle, Sidamo region of Ethiopia
Altitude: 2150m
Varietals: Washed indigenous wild varietals 
Harvested: January 2020
Roaster: Drop Coffee
Roasted on: 09.11.2020

It is a long journey arriving at its very beginnings. When I started brewing specialty coffee, it was exactly that very coffee that has opened my eyes to a completely new world. It was this cup that showed me how soft, calm, sweet, clean and complex coffee can be.

With this coffee, I was standing on the tiny weekly market place at my parents house in Fishtown. proudly standing behind my old van with the biggest excitement and smile in my face to show what I just have discovered. A small group of people showed up to try that cup while my little brother Kalle was playing vinyls in the van.

Most of the first visitors just crunched their faces and said this coffee was undrinkable and looked at me with big concerns on what I have just started there. It was clear, the focus must be the communication and that a lot of hard work and long conversations will lay ahead. The whole world is ruined in their perception of what that very daily cup is and how little of story it has to tell while there is such an incredible complex world behind each cup.

I am proud that with this very coffee is the one I started tōrnqvist with at my van on the market place, brewed it at the first festival, opened the shop in hamburg, and now close this whole chapter with it as the final coffee in my Hamburg based shop.

It is the beautiful HUNKUTE by Joanna Alm and here idealistic and marvelous project of @dropcoffeeroasters in Stockholm that we have been brewing ever since. Grown in the high mountains of the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia at an altitude of 2150m this washed coffee developed a truly perfectly classic profile of apricot, black tea and orange blossoms.

Thank you joanna, thank you everyone at the farms in the mountains for the beautiful world you have opened up for me and so so many others across the globe.


Drop Coffee: 

In 2014 Linus came to Drop Coffee in Stockholm for a visit. He had clear values and a lot of ambition to start serving coffee and spread his grandmothers values of humanity and nature. 

We were drinking Hunkute that day, and that might have been when he fell in love with clarity of the coffee. From that moment on he has been all about transparency, in his own raw, clear yet inviting way. Linus understood clarity in both flavour and craft in coffee, in a way that takes decades for most to get to; and from there, with his own company tōrnqvist he never lowered his standards.

Hunkute is a very delicate and balanced cup, like a fine tunes classic symphony, almost tinging. To these fine tunes we arenfinishing a chapter, knowing the future is bright. What Linusdid with tōrnqvist over 5 years, will blossom more beauty and clarity in the coffee industry.

To new beginnings - The next chapter - Joanna Alm


The FOB Price paid for this coffee is 3,7 USD/lbs