A new routine has started with the launch of our subscription program Seasonal. Brewing excellent coffees together in distance each month and throughout the exciting diversity of harvesting seasons.

For the past year we have set together with Laura from tōki ton to form another classic piece of porcelain for tōrnqvist. Again clear in it's minimalism shape and high quality materials like our beloved classic cup. Yet with a modern and more playful expression by a lifted bottom that invites to hold the cup in your hand and caress across the warming round arch. 

As the coffee cascades into the cup, the raised base accentuates the vibrant red hues, enhancing the overall sensory experience with a brighter and cleaner presentation.

Embodying our modern approach to the crafts of specialty coffee. 


Vol. 160ml

Col. White

Mat. Porcelain

Prod. Handmade in Germany